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Car tires
  Posting Date : Mar 15, 2016 GMT

Product Description
Passenger car tires : 
155R12C 6PR 83/81Q SUPER2000           155R13C 6PR 85/83Q SUPER2000 
165R13C 8PR 94/92Q SUPER2000           175R14C 8PR 99/98Q SUPER2000 
185R14C 8PR 102/100Q SUPER2000       185R14C 8PR 102/100R SUPER2000 
195R14C 8PR 106/104Q SUPER2000       195R14C 8PR 106/104R SUPER2000 
195R15C 8PR 106/104Q SUPER2000       185/75R16C 8PR 104/102R SUPER2000 
195/75R16C 8PR 107/105R SUPER2000    215/75R16C 8PR 113/111R SUPER2000 
195/70R15C 8PR 104/102R SUPER2000   205/70R15C 8PR 106/104R SUPER2000 
225/70R15C 8PR 112/110R SUPER2000   195/65R16C 8PR 104/102R SUPER2000 
205/65R15C 8PR 102/100T SUPER2000    205/65R16C 8PR 107/105R SUPER2000 
215/65R16C 8PR 109/107R SUPER2000   225/65R16C 8PR 112/110R SUPER2000 
235/65R16C 8PR 115/113R SUPER2000

Car, passenger car

Other Information
DOT, ECE, CCC certificate

Payment Delivery Origin
T/T, L/C 15 days China
Minimum Order Packaging Inspection
500 sets Plastic DOT, ECE, CCC
Samples Sample Price
Free None Specified

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